Interior Floors: Yes

Interior Walls: Yes

Shower Walls & Floor: No

Outdor: Yes

Pool Rated: No

Duo Collection

Celebrate Color, Texture, and Creativity with Duo
Duo encapsulates the harmony of gloss and matte within a single piece, marrying the opulence of glossy, lustrous glazes with the perfect balance of matte texture on a porcelain canvas.
With Duo, you have the option to pair it with a Solo, creating a tone-on-tone aesthetic for those with the most refined tastes. Alternatively, you can explore a world of creativity by mixing and matching colorful options such as coral, turquoise, cyan, and black.
This collection offers a limitless array of unique and distinctive pieces, allowing you to breathe life into your creative visions like never before.
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  • 6"x6"

Material: Porcelain

Finish: Matte

Aplication: Walls, Floors, Esterior R9


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