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Nestled in a sprawling 13,000 sqft showroom, Bodega Style is not just a place; it’s an experience. From the design world of Tiles, the charm of Lighting, to the elegance of Kitchen Cabinets, an extensive indoor Countertop Slab Yard, Bathroom Vanities, luxurious Flooring, contemporary Wallpaper, and finely crafted Pulls and Knobs – we’re the collection of all things home design.

Every inch of our space is meticulously curated, every product handpicked, ensuring that our clients get nothing but the best. But we’re more than our products. At Bodega Style, we believe in transformation – the process that turns houses into homes. Our team of seasoned designers stands ready, eager to guide, inspire, and turn your design aspirations into reality.

In essence, Bodega Style is not just about offering products; it’s about making a house a home. Join us in this design experience, where every idea finds its canvas and every canvas tells a tale of impeccable style. Where we help you turn your house into home, your style, your way.

Our Story

Discover the Evolution of Home Design with Bodega Style!


In the bustling streets of many cities, the term ‘Bodega’ resonates with familiarity. Beyond just a corner store, a Bodega is a cornerstone of the community, a symbol of trust, dependability, and a place that offers everything one needs, just around the block. In 2019, drawing from this ethos, Ana and Dimce Manev launched ‘Bodega Tile’. With 15 years of expertise in the tile industry, their vision was not just about trade; it was about building a trusted space for design aficionados.

As our range expanded, so did our identity. From Tiles to a spectacular ensemble of home essentials, our 13,000 sqft showroom became a design haven. With Lighting, Kitchen Cabinets, an indoor Countertop Slab Yard, Bathroom Vanities, Sinks, Flooring, Wallpaper, and the intricate Pulls and Knobs, our evolution was inevitable. We transformed from ‘Bodega Tile’ to ‘Bodega Style’, encapsulating the essence of a place where every home design need is met under one expansive roof.

Imagine a realm where your design dreams are given a palette, our seasoned designers guide your choices, and your home emerges as a masterpiece. Bodega Style isn’t just a showroom; it’s where imagination and reality converge. We invite you to join our community, where every space is a canvas and every design a story waiting to be told. Dive in, and let’s craft those stories together!

Our Team

Dimce Manev –Pioneering Design and Experiences

Founder and Visionary

Dimce Manev, the founder of Bodega Style, is not just a business owner; he’s a visionary thinker with a passion for redefining the design world. His journey to starting Bodega Style is a testament to his unrelenting drive and creative spirit.

Dimce’s story is one of transformation. He started with a vision for a tile store but soon realized that Bodega Style could be so much more than that. It could become a one-stop design destination where creativity knows no bounds. This vision fueled his determination to expand beyond the store’s initial offerings, leading to the creation of Bodega Style.

His journey into the design world began with childhood memories of using dominos to build and design spaces. It was a glimpse into a future where he would design homes for others, regardless of their budget. As a tile specialist, Dimce honed his expertise, but his true passion lay in crafting experiences that most end up calling home.

At Bodega Style, Dimce believes in the power of unity. Every team member is an integral part of the company’s growth, and client feedback is not just welcomed but cherished as an opportunity for positive change.

Dimce’s vision for the company’s future is clear – he wants Bodega Style to be synonymous with feeling good and unforgettable memories while designing your dream space. It’s not just about the quality products; it’s about the journey.

What sets Bodega Style apart are the values it upholds. Dimce and his partner Ana proudly endorse thoughtfully curated selections that embody future design directions, rather than fleeting trends. Quality is non-negotiable, and integrity towards clients is unwavering.

Dimce’s career has been shaped by pivotal moments, like the choice to turn down a business opportunity that wasn’t aligned with his passion. If he had said yes, Bodega Style, as we know it today, might never have existed.

Looking ahead, Dimce envisions Bodega Style evolving by maintaining a focus on remarkable client engagement. The presence of in-house expert designers specializing in each department ensures that clients receive the best guidance and valuable insights for their projects. This commitment to excellence is at the heart of Bodega Style’s growth.

Dimce Manev’s journey is a testament to the power of visionary thinking and the transformative potential of design. Through Bodega Style, he invites you to experience design and discover a world where creativity knows no bounds, and your home becomes a canvas for your dreams.

Ana Manev –Orchestrating Design Excellence and Innovation

Ana Manev’s remarkable journey into the world of design and entrepreneurship is an embodiment of creativity, innovation, and a relentless commitment to curating exceptional spaces. Her educational background includes a degree in Architecture, but her true passion lies in the art of orchestrating innovative designs and breathing life into interior spaces.

Ana’s career took flight as she ventured into the realm of furniture design. Her innate talent for envisioning and crafting unique pieces quickly gained recognition. She went on to pioneer the design of bespoke accessories and furniture, catering to the discerning tastes of clients who sought exclusivity.

However, it was Ana’s immersion in the world of tiles, stone, wood surfaces, and various floor and wall coverings that ignited her creativity. Her vision was clear: to create a haven for designers, a place where the perfect palette of materials, color schemes, and trends would be at their fingertips. This vision materialized into Bodega Style, an exceptional design studio renowned for its carefully curated selections and a welcoming ambiance that nurtures creativity.

What drives Ana’s fervor for interior design and the home improvement industry are the endless possibilities for creativity. She finds inspiration in textures, patterns, and emerging trends. Yet, it’s the clients’ transformations that truly ignite her passion. Witnessing clients walk into Bodega Style with uncertainty and leave with a sense of accomplishment and fulfillment is what fuels her creativity and dedication.

Ana envisions the future of Bodega Style as an ever-evolving entity, constantly pushing the boundaries of design and innovation. While the company remains committed to delivering unparalleled customer satisfaction through materials and service, innovation remains at its core.

Ana’s design philosophy revolves around the perfect fusion of aesthetics and functionality. For her, every design must seamlessly blend form and purpose, catering to the unique requirements of each space. Understanding clients’ personalities and lifestyles is paramount, ensuring that every design is not just visually stunning but also deeply meaningful.

Throughout her career, Ana has achieved remarkable milestones, including graduating as an architect from UADY and co-founding her own business alongside her life partner.

Within Bodega Style, Ana’s focus areas extend beyond  business operations to encompass innovation, creativity, and creating an exceptional shopping experience for customers. She’s dedicated to designing materials, coordinating distribution, and fostering a harmonious work environment for the team.

Ana’s multicultural background enriches her approach, allowing her to draw inspiration from diverse styles and cultures, continuously driving innovation. Ana Manev is not just a co-founder of Bodega Style; she’s the creative force behind its passion for design excellence and its unwavering commitment to orchestrating spaces that inspire and captivate. With Ana at the driver seat, Bodega Style is more than a design destination; it’s an embodiment of boundless creativity and design innovation.

Johana Cortez –Masterful Creations in Tile, Counter, and Slab Design

Discover the genius of Johana Cortez, an adept designer with a documented journey marked by excellence featured on HGTV. Serving as a lead designer, Johana possesses an uncanny eye for trends, infusing fresh perspectives into every project. Her prowess extends to historical home remodels, small-scale transformations, and full home renovations, breathing life into spaces with unwavering dedication.

Johana’s specialty lies in crafting mesmerizing Tile and Counter installations. With mastery over materials like Ceramic, Porcelain, Glass, Marble, and Quartz, she orchestrates enchanting designs that redefine interiors. Both Residential and Commercial domains bear her artistic touch, elevating spaces to new dimensions. Johana’s innovation has earned her accolades, featuring on shows for her distinct approach to tile materials.

Driven by color theory and inspired by client visions, Johana paints dreamscapes that resonate with individual tastes. Her passion finds fulfillment in bringing clients’ aspirations to fruition, guiding them through every phase. From material sourcing to final placement, Johana’s dedication ensures a seamless journey towards a space that epitomizes personalized elegance.

Sal Zuniga – Elevating Kitchens with 14 Years of Cabinet Expertise

Sal Zuniga, a seasoned professional boasting 14 years of excellence in Project Management and Construction. While his skills encompass a wide spectrum, Sal’s true passion shines through in crafting exceptional Kitchen Cabinets and bespoke kitchen remodels. Guided by a meticulous design process that commences with blueprints and collaborates seamlessly with engineers, architects, and contractors, Sal orchestrates the transformation of your kitchen dreams into tangible reality.

Sal’s ingenuity extends to crafting kitchen spaces that seamlessly accommodate both standard and specialty appliances, showcasing his adaptability and innovative spirit. As the visionary behind kitchen hardware, including Cabinet Pulls and Cabinetry Knobs, Sal’s attention to detail leaves a lasting mark. With an impressive portfolio encompassing over 150 managed projects, ranging from captivating kitchens to commercial spaces, Sal’s expertise breathes life into every cabinet corner.

Driven by an unwavering commitment to quality and style, Sal Zuniga harmonizes his designs with clients’ unique visions. His passion extends to weaving the latest innovations seamlessly into his cabinet creations, ensuring your kitchen is an embodiment of timeless elegance and cutting-edge functionality.

Jeannette Torres – Crafting Inspiring Tile Designs with Years of Interior Design Expertise

Jeannette Torres brings a wealth of expertise to Bodega Style as a dedicated Tile Designer. With 7 years immersed in the world of Interior Design and a degree from the nationally accredited Interior Design Program at Mt San Antonio, she embodies a deep passion for creating spaces that resonate with style and functionality.

Jeannette is an active member of the American Society of Interior Designers (ASID) Pasadena chapter and The National Kitchen + Bath Association (NKBA), showcasing her commitment to staying at the forefront of industry trends and innovations. Her design philosophy revolves around achieving the perfect balance of color, texture, and proportion. She possesses a profound knowledge of historical styles and periods, allowing her to seamlessly blend vintage and modern aesthetics into effortless and captivating designs.

As a color specialist with a background in the Luxury Beauty industry, Jeannette’s keen attention to detail and understanding of color go beyond the ordinary. Her unique ability to connect with clients, understanding not just how they live but how they aspire to live in their homes, sets her apart.

With Jeannette Torres at the helm of your project, you can expect inspiring designs that ensure you truly love where you live.